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ANSI/ESD S Revision and Redesignation of ANSI/ESD STM For the Protection of Electrostatic. Discharge Susceptible Items. This Standard establishes test methods for measuring the electrical resistance of floor materials where protection of ESD susceptible items is required. ANSI/ESD STM Revision and Re-designation of ANSI/ESD S For the Protection of Electrostatic. Discharge Susceptible Items. Floor Materials.

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If you choose this flooring system, the RTG readings may be at the low end of the scale and be in the E06 to E07 range or it may be at the high end and be in the E08 range.

Our No-Slip II is made of a corrugated slip-resistant vinyl. The goal in grounding resistance values is to achieve the lowest ground resistance value possible.

Based on what you have described in you e-mail, conductive range is best suited for your application, dissipative should not be considered. Grounding of an ESD flooring system is comprised of appropriately placed copper grounding tape running beneath flooring overlayment adhesive and attached to primary electrical building grounds located throughout the facility, as well as installation of GZ- ground plates.

Static Dissipative SD properties to reduce hazards due to excessively low footwear resistance that may exist where SD footwear is required.


Our tile is specified as static conductive 2. As this particular document has even been published yet, please keep this document confidential for your internal use only.

Puncture resistance of footwear bottoms. The two and three layer mats would generally refer to our bench or table mats. Keep in mind that smaller objects have lower capacitance and the time to discharge them maybe shorter than the discharge time.


The three-layer mats are going to have a conductive scrim center layer and work well with most wrist strap constant es. Now things get complicated.

Out of these 2 systems, a conductive epoxy is going to be most cost effective, edd a thermally heat welded conductive vinyl system. There are some commercial and residential applications where antistatic flooring is acceptable but would be outside of the range of Static Conductive or Static Dissipative. I have linked a white paper below for your review that puts this topic into perspective.

The common point ground or bus bar is connected or bonded to this ground connection, as is various other ESD technical elements the grounding conductors or wires from wrist strapsworksurfacesflooring or floor matstools, fixtures, storage unitscartschairsgarmentsetc.

ANSI/ESD S | In Compliance Magazine

Anti-Static refers to the ability to suppress charge generation or the prevention of exd build up. Anti-static materials will not safely attract or decay a static charge before it randomly discharges.

The top layer would give the mats its resistance to chemicals, resistance to solder, flux, and the ability to keep it clean. Will liquids or spills be anticipated or utilized in this area? These floors are the superior choice for an assembly environment and offer the lowest charge generation and quickest charge dissipation.

Do you own or lease the building? You want to keep you flooring system clean and always below a gig ohm.

EOS/ESD Association, Inc.

What asni the difference between anti-static and static dissipative floors? Impact resistance for the toe area of footwear. Budgetary factors Performance warranty Maintenance level expectations Esthetics I think this will give you some things to consider moving forward. This deals with induced potential on objects.


Metatarsal protection that reduces the chance of ss7 to the metatarsal bones at the top of the foot. The area is not high traffic. These floors require proper cleaning nasi maintenance, but will likely exceed the requirements for The answer to your question is, YES. As you can see, the closer the bench top air ionizer effective distancethe lesser the decay time will be.

What is the best and most economical product to apply? It has been found that the mobility of negative and positive ions are different. The black or Hot conductor comes from a circuit breaker and goes to an AC outlet receptacle.


Will odors be a problem during the installation process? See the attached white paper on this specific subject. We are an explosives manufacturer and are looking to repaint our conductive flooring. We use an isolated system, which reduce this effect by a simple law of nature- charge cannot be created or destroyed in an isolated system. Please see the attached floor comparisons chart for additional things you should consider, this chart may prove helpful to you and your team.

They sent me a copyrighted document on June 2 nd of What type traffic will the floor see? How important is meeting industry standards to you and your company?