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III. Complications post opératoires du triangle de scarpa. Service de chirurgie vasculaire, C.H.U. de Nancy. ✓ Hématome. The femoral triangle (of Scarpa) is an anatomical region of the upper inner human thigh. It is a subfascial space which in living people appears as a triangular. Femoral triangle The femoral triangle (or Scarpa’s triangle) is an anatomical illustrated in Compendiosa totius anatomie delineatio by Thomas Geminus, .

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Spinal nerves Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Ajatomie in this case it is the opposite. We use the data we obtain through the use of cookies to customize your site experience by anticipating the information and services that may be interesting scapa you.

The femoral triangle is bounded: Its floor is formed by the pectineus and adductor longus muscles medially and iliopsoas muscle laterally. Do you accept the set and analyses of cookies so that we and our partners can analyze your interests to offer you more suitable ads?

Contents of the femoral triangle of the Visible Human Male. Inguinal hernias Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Orthopedic surgical procedures Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. The great saphenous vein and its tributaries at the fossa ovalis. Sign in with Facebook. Look up femoral in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Orthopedic surgeons use both surgical and nonsurgical means to treat musculoskeletal injuries, sports injuries, degenerative diseases, infections, bone tumours, and congenital limb deformities.

Femoral Triangle

The basins are separated by the fascia lata. Empty space this is important as it allows the veins and lymph scarpz to distend, so they can cope with different levels of flow.

Member feedback about Femoral nerve: Great saphenous vein topic The great saphenous vein GSV, alternately “long saphenous vein” is a large, subcutaneous, superficial vein of the leg. The pes anserinus is separated from the medial collateral ligament of the knee-joint by a bursa.


They run superficially, superiorly toward the umbilicus. The positive pulsation of the femoral artery signifies that the heart is beating and also blood is flowing to the lower extremity [ citation needed ]. Isosceles Triangles – An isosceles triangle is a triangle in which at least two sides are congruent.

It bears significance in laparoscopic repair of groin hernia. By its outer border with the pect Cubital fossa Anatomical snuffbox. Member feedback about Triangle of Doom: The labia majora are homologous to the male scrotum.

Trauma surgery and traumatology is a sub-specialty dealing with the operative management of fractures, major trauma and the multiply-injured patient. You may, at the risk of affecting the quality of your user experience, modify the following settings: Iliac crest Perineum greater sciatic notch ischial spine lesser sciatic notch ischial tuberosity inferior ramus of pubis ischial ramus 04 PA Perineum. They pierce the fascia of the urogenital diaphragm, and run forward along the lateral part of the urethral triangle in company with the posterior scrotal branches of the perineal artery; they are distributed to the skin of the scrotum or labia and communicate with the perineal branch of the posterior femoral cutaneous nerve.

ALcommonly referred to as the “First Family”, is a collection of prehistoric hominid teeth and bones. It is thin and flattened, broad above, narrow and tapering below.

Abdominal wall Between the level of the anterosuperior iliac spine and the pubis the anterior wall: The inguinal ligament Poupart’s ligament or groin ligament is a band running from the pubic tubercle to the anterior superior iliac spine. Inferior epigastric artery topic In human anatomy, inferior epigastric artery refers to the artery that arises from the external iliac artery and anastomoses with the superior epigastric artery.

Member feedback about Zenker’s diverticulum: It is worth noting that the ilio-inguinal nerve Member feedback about Sartorius muscle: The gracilis muscle ; Latin for “slender” is the most superficial muscle on the medial side of the thigh.


Conjoint tendon, previously known as the inguinal aponeurotic falx, a structure formed from the transversus abdominis insertion into the pecten pubis Granuloma inguinale, a bacterial disease characterized by ulcerative genital lesions that is endemic in many less developed regions Inguinal canal, a passage in the anterior abdominal wall which in men conveys the spermatic cord and in women the round ligament Inguinal falx, the conjoined tendon of the obliquus internus and transversus muscles Inguinal hernia, a protrusion of abdominal-cavity contents through the inguinal canal Direct inguinal hernia, a type of inguinal hernia with a sac that is medial to the inferior epigastric vessels Indirect inguinal hernia, a hernia that results from the failure of the embryonic internal inguinal ring after the testicle has p These split into the external and internal carotid arteries at the upper border of the thyroid cartilage, at around the level of the fourth cervical vertebra.

Surgical management of metastatic inguinal lymphadenopathy. As a surgeon, Hesselbach is best known for his work with hernia operations.

Distally, the fibers of the adductor longus extend into the adductor canal. It is sometimes performed to correct a hallux valgus, or to straighten a bone that has healed crookedly following a fracture.

Since the femoral triangle provides easy access to a major artery, coronary angioplasty and peripheral angioplasty is often performed by entering the femoral artery at the femoral triangle. Superficial veins oflower limbSuperficial dissection.

Triangle de Scarpa

Posterior wall – adductor longus and adductor magnus. The superficial lymph nodes have three divisions — the superomedial, superolateral, and inferior superficial lymph nodes. Outlines Revolvy Brain revolvybrain urethra sureshsharma. It is a long, thin, superficial muscle that runs down the length of the thigh in the anterior compartment.