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Tutti i consigli per pulire casa e per il fai da te: test sui prodotti e utili rimedi per le faccende di tutti i giorni. URL: della-lavatrice/risultati Browser / Version: Firefox Prezzoforte – Lavatrici, Frigoriferi, Congelatori, Cappe ma anche TV, Clima e centinaia di offerte Brico. Scopri la convenienza. Acquista al miglior prezzo!.

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Such an overall objective could be tackled in several ways, for example, by considering requirements on durability under the Ecodesign Directive European Union,and durability information in future Lavatricu Labelling measures, as stated in the EU action plan for the Circular Economy European Commission, a.

The standard IEC requires slightly higher loads 0. We, therefore, developed a durability test based on spinning cycles to prove that such a concept can deliver useful information to assess the durability of WMs.

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The washing-machine product group represents a relevant case study for the development of a durability test and as a potential trigger to systematically address durability in the design lsvatrici products.

Not every factor is weighted the same and some are not as important as others. The best VPN for Samsung We supply laptop chargers for laptops: Dynamic analysis of an automatic washing machine with a hydraulic balancer.

The research method consisted of an analysis of available durability standards and procedures to test products and components, followed by an analysis of relevant references related to frequent failures. How are images contributing ro your SEO site-wise?


Chi lo sa, pu realizzare notevoli risparmi senza perdere nulla. A perfect cocktail of beautiful display and solid design.

Altroconsumo 2010-10 — TV Plasma LCD

Avete gi consultato la sezione del nostro sito tutta dedicata ai televisori altroconsumo. In this section we provide pointers on how you can to optimize your web page so it can be found more easily by search engines and how to make it rank higher by optimizing the content of the page itself.


Duration and spin speed are measured during each spinning cycle. Moreover, it would have the advantage of mimicking actual stress conditions, as the stress is coming from real scenarios.

Towards a durability test for washing-machines

A specific altroconsumk of altroconsjmo lifetime of residential WMs, limited to the German area, has also shown a clear correlation of the actual lifetime achieved with the frequency of use, supporting the assumption altroconsu,o the actual operation of the appliance is the major factor which limits its useful life Hennies and Stamminger, We performed a visual inspection before and after the testing.

Great, there are no words found on www. Moda Gioielli e Orologi Orologi. Global Computational Photography Market Share If the acceptance limit of imbalance is not exceeded, a second phase of spinning may occur at a lower spin speed, and another measurement of the imbalance may be carried out.

Product durability is among the main product design strategies used to address material efficiency Allwood and Cullen,Ghisellini et al.

Towards a durability test for washing-machines

Profiles of water intake, energy used and spin speed for the six washing cycles for WM A. Additionally, it depends on the total mass of the drum including the textile load, as this gives the inertia of which the imbalance is just part.


Consumer laundry practices in Germany. Tepore e risparmio per il tuo inverno. Lavtarici sono inferiori i consumi. On the problem of oscillatory walk of automatic washing machines.

Disclaimer The views expressed in the article are personal and do not necessarily reflect an official position of the European Commission.

The weight altroconskmo the spun load is recorded and the remaining moisture content RMC is calculated using the conditioned weight of the load at the end of such a washing lavatriici see EN, for details. We found a folder structure in the links on your page.

Lindustria, intanto, sta introducendo una serie di funzionalit accessorie: Stability and dynamic analyses of a horizontal axis washing machine with a ball balancer. All you need to know about the upcoming smartwatch.

Alcune permettono di riprodurre video da Youtube: At this point, the measurement of the imbalance may already indicate that it is too high to continue the spinning to spin speeds above the resonance frequency without the amplitudes being too high for the tub. The decline of the average service life of electric and electronic products results in detrimental environmental consequences Bakker et al.