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An allodial title gives you absolute right to land, without any obligation to any landlord, sovereign Getting allodial title is sometimes called getting a land patent. In this case, the owner will have an absolute title over his or her property. Property owned under allodial title is referred as allodial land. Allodial lands are the. Id. at At the lowest. MEMORANDUM OF LAW HISTORY, FORCE & EFFECT OF THE LAND PATENT. SECTION I. ALLODIAL v FEUDAL TITLES.

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The skill is in actually making the material part of one’s understanding.

Steps to Secure a Land Patent

lsnd However, when he applied, for, and received, such “benefits” as farm subsidy, government supported grain storage, etc. Black’s Law Dictionwy, 5th Ed. In this sense the word is the same. I like the cat!

tittle Part of the method by which the new United States decided to dispose of its territories, was stipulated in Article IV, SectionClause 2, of the U.

Why are you denied the full enjoyment, from the use and ownership of your land’?

Allodial Titles and Land Patents

pztents All feudal land patents in this area also flow from treaty law. There have been dozens of statutes enacted pursuant to Art. It is my impression that this country did not drift away from this until the Civil War era -towhen the corporation was created.

We do need to take strong stands against misinformation, even if it might offend the misinformers.

The land is simply When you bought your property, did you understand and agree to having a ‘superior’ above you, controlling the use of your land? Read these related articles: Jon is right, we are kinda stupid. Where a land patent exists, no lien or mortgage could be ever placed on the land.


In other statutes, the Supreme Court recognized much of these same ideas. First, as a landowner we must have evidence of our right to the land that is to say: But no so today! But remember, the issue here is “That you don’t own your land! Since the intent of the lawmakers is the law, historic evidence shows that our founding fathers wanted us to own the land [62] in its entirety, and subject to the claims of no other man or government or other institution.

Property is “sold” on the courthouse steps every day of the year, except weekends. Fealty, says Christian, in his note to 2 Black. Constitution 2nd Amendment Representation. Maybe we are beginning to understand the legal basis for planning commissions, land use permits, building permits, etc. Though there are many purveyors of information about land patents on the internet most of those purveyors mix fact with fiction regarding the use of the same implying nefarious purposes for the use of land patents.

Stone 2 US If such cannot be proven to the contrary, then ownership of the land is assumed to have passed to the occupier of the land. The American people have unwittingly surrendered their allodial titles and sovereign rights as a condition of every bank contract or mortgage involving the purchase of land or property, or the use of land and property as collateral, and bought with debt currency, money substitutes, checks or other negotiable instruments.

If the estate were feudal the absence of the stawte would lead to a different conclusion – but with great deference to all counter opinions, I hold that the estate was strictly allodial, and that Anison retained only what was expressed in the deed. Vote property taxes down, and the schools must suffer! You can do this in person in the Common Law or by return receipt mail.


Apart from land that was formally owned at the time of the Revolutionary War, most American landholders can trace their title back to grants by the federal or state governments of land obtained by purchase Louisiana PurchaseFloridaAlaskatreaty the Ohio ValleyNew MexicoArizonaand Californiaor annexation TexasHawaii.

You cannot serve two masters. Mortgage foreclosures of equitable title interests are on the increase, and are the means of implementing this public policy.

Allodial Titles and Land Patents – Constitution Club

A banker at the seminar in Portland, Oregon stood up and told Nina she is “a banker’s worst nightmare!! Archived from the original on 27 November To encourage railroad growth and provide transportation for over three million new settlers that had immigrated from ptaents East oand a wilderness devoid of roads, the government gave the first railroad land grant When the law has refused him all its forms of action on such a mutilated instrument, will it allow him to take redress into his own hands and levy a distress for himself?

Also, Uncle Sam was permitted set his own charge for carrying troops, freight and mail, and eventually settled on fifty percent for the first two and eighty percent for the mail. I used to be a member of the Winston Wild Life Safari, and have pet lionesses, and others. Rent belongs to this category, and is implied by Lord Coke’s “etc.

In mid-stream, we ask you the question, “Is property tax evidence of ownership? Merely established paetnts northern boundary of the Louisiana Purchase as the 49th parallel to the Rocky mountains.