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Penuntun Djalanku | Buku batjaan Alkitab untunk tiap-tiap hari [Unstated] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Alkitab Penuntun is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Alkitab Penuntun and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and. Get this from a library! Alkitab penuntun hidup berkelimpahan = full life study Bible.

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Fierce our foes, and hard the fight; Arm us, Savior, for the pehuntun. We made beautiful, animated fireworks to celebrate your blogging! Thy hands created me, Thy hands From sin have set me free, The mercy that hath loosed my bands Hath bound me fast to Thee. All that breathe, your Lord adore, Alleluia!

He makes my broken heart rejoice: What thronging memories come— Again that little group is met Within the halls of home! This jewel and treasure Brings life eternal, and saves fallen man; Surely its value no mortal can measure: And for richer food than this, Pledge of everlasting bliss; For His mercies still endure Ever faithful, ever sure.

Behold, how pleasant and how good That we, one Lord confessing, Together dwell in brotherhood, Our unity expressing. Teks Penuntun edisi Bahasa Indonesia. Amazing knowledge, vast and great! That so with all our hearts we may Once more our glad thanksgivings pay, And walk obedient to Thy Word, And now and ever praise the Lord.

By thy toil thou shalt be prospered And be happy all thy days. Softly may weary ones rest from their duty, Bright be the dreams aalkitab the troubled and worn, While through the shades beam the stars in their beauty, Watching the world till the breaking of morn. It was down at the feet of Jesus, Where I brought my guilt and sin, That he cancelled all my transgressions And salvation entered in. Pnuntun us Thy peace in all our strife, And after death eternal life.

On Thy people, Lord, be peace. Apostle Paul wrote in 2 Timothy 4: I will not fear, the Lord is with me; What can man do, when God is nigh?


Alkitab: Penuntun | LIBRARY – GKI Gading Serpong

Take the wings of the morning; speed quickly thy flight To Jesus, thy Savior, aloitab hope and thy light; The fount of His mercy is open for thee, Go wash and be cleaned in its allkitab so free. Kata ini tidak menunjuk kepada kematian jasmani, tetapi kepada hukuman kekal yang begitu mengerikan lihat Matius Blest be the Lord, who foiled their threat That they could not devour us; Our souls, like birds, escaped their net, They could not overpower us.

And thee no sun by day shall ever smite; No moon shall harm thee in the silent night. Alkitab adalah sebutan untuk kitab suci umat Kristiani. He built the earth, He spread the sky, And fixed the starry lights on high: And hath bid the fruitful field Crops of precious increase yield; For His mercies still endure Ever faithful, ever sure.

Give me the dear old Bible as my guide each day, Be it my help and comfort on my pilgrim way, Until the gates of glory I at last shall see, The dear old Bible is good enough for me.

Possibility to notes bookmark for any verse.

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May peace within Thy sacred walls A constant guest be found; With plenty and alkotab Thy palaces be crowned. In my affliction and my pain, When fears alarmed and hopes deceived, I found all human helpers vain, But in the Lord my soul believed. Searcher of hearts, from mine erase All thoughts that should not be, And in its deep recesses trace My gratitude to Thee. Praise Him, ye saints, the God of love, Who hath my sins forgiven, Till, gathered to the church above, We sing the songs of Heaven.

Lord, grant us all aright to learn The wisdom it imparts And to its heavenly teaching turn With simple, childlike hearts. How wondrous and great Thy works, God of praise!

Librarika: Alkitab Penuntun : hidup berkelimpahan = The Full Life Study Bible.

Tell of a cloudless region fair, Tell of the many mansions there, Speak to the hearts that weep, Bring the troubled one, Bring the weary one sleep. I know I shall see in His beauty The King in whose law I delight; Who lovingly guardeth my footsteps, And giveth me songs in the night. How shall my soul, by grace restored, Give worthy thanks, O Lord, to Thee?


Against me slanderous words are flung From many a false and lying tongue; Without a cause men hurl at me The shafts of deadly enmity. In a large place the Lord hath set lakitab In my distress He heard my cry. Do not I love Thee, O my Lord? O weary heart and sad, O heavy laden soul, If you would feel like singing glory all the day, Just let the Savior in, and let Him take control; Then you will feel like singing glory!


Come from the fadeless flowers that grow, Come from the sparkling streams that flow, Come in the midnight deep, Bring the troubled one, Bring the weary one sleep. Still may His mercy tenderly flow, Still may He guide us here below; Then when our journey safely is past, May we be gathered home at last.

What would we give to our beloved? Praise Him, praise Him! Fixed verse numbering New features: O let me ever hear Thy voice In mercy to me speak!

Indonesian Saat saya naik sepeda, saya merasa terhubung dengan keindahan Israel dan saya merasa bersatu dengan sejarah negara ini dan Hukum Alkitab. Out of the deep I cry, The woeful deep of sin, Of evil done in days gone by, Of evil now within.

I cried to God in my distress, And by the Lord my prayer was heard; O save me, Lord, from lying lips And from the false, deceitful word. To Thy temple holy, come we now with praise; Thou, the meek and lowly, guide us to Thy ways; So shall we, renewing every solemn vow, Live for larger service if Thou bless us now.

Unto the wicked man, O Lord, His wishes do not grant; Nor further Thou his ill device, Lest they themselves should vaunt. Their sweetness who penunthn tell?