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Ajahn Mun. Venerable Ācariya Mun Būridatta Thera is one of the most revered forest masters of the 20th century. He is the root guru of both the. Venerable Ajahn Chah was born on June 17, in a small village near the town of Ubon Ratchathani, North-East Thailand. After finishing his basic schooling. One of the most highly revered monks in Thai history, Ajahn Mun Bhuridato revitalised the Thai Forest Tradition by living as closely to the way the hi.

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Ajahn Mun December 12 at 3: Ajahn Chah was an excellent teacher and he often used nature to explain the Dharma. Tan Ajahn Mun had to restrain me all the time. Browse our independent reviews of places to stay in and around Sakhon Nakhon.

Ajahn Mun shrine at Wat Pa Sutthawat

A handful of the objects used by Ajahn Mun. Ajaan Lee brought some of his own unique perspectives to Forest Tradition teachings:. After years of wandering, Ajahn Chah decided to plant roots in an uninhabited grove near his birthplace.

In his fifth year his father fell seriously ill and died, a blunt reminder of the frailty and precariousness of human life. So the great frames of reference, starting with the contemplation of the body, are said to be our stronghold. From there, I kept watch on the ajahb by which he would return, and before long I saw him coming.

Ajahb page was last edited on 30 Septemberat Food For The Heart: See more of Ajahn Mun on Facebook. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. He popularized the monastic practice of living under an umbrella in the forest and his relentless energy is fascinating and inspiring.

Sjahn emphasis was always on surrendering to the way things are, and great stress was placed upon strict observance of the vinaya.

Ajahn Mun obliged and went back to the city with him. It is also very popular in New Age Religions. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Forest teachers directly challenge the notion of dry insightarguing that jhana is indispensable. So what are we doing giving rise to more becoming and birth? Where are you from? A talented orator and uncompromising teacher, he later guided dozens of younger monks akahn helped to carry his wisdom into the 21st century.


Ajaan Mun — went to Wat Mn monastery immediately after being ordained inwhere he started to practice kasina -meditation, in which awareness is directed away from the body.

While ordained in the Dhammayut myn, Ajaan Sao — questioned the impossibility to attain nibbana. Ajahn Mun BhuridattaVen. If you’re going to release yourself from birth, you’ll have to know all about your own birth.

May whatever you wish or want quickly come to be, May all your aspirations be fulfilled, as the moon on the fifteenth full moon day, or as a radiant, bright gem.

The Dark Side of Ajahn Mun’s Biography

This absorption darkens the mind and becomes a “defilement” Pali: Email required Address never made public. The moment I saw him, a feeling of complete faith arose within me. When Ajaan Mun returned to the Northeast to start teaching, he brought a set of radical ideas, many of which clashed with what scholars in Bangkok were saying at the time:.

Seeing the serious interest there, he left them in London at the Hampstead Vihara, with two of his other Western disciples who were then visiting Europe. According to forest tradition accounts, Ajaan Mun attained the noble level of non-returner Pali: He followed the vinaya monastic discipline faithfully, and also observed many of what are known as the 13 classic dhutanga ascetic practices, such as living off alms food, wearing robes made of cast-off rags, dwelling in the forest and eating only one meal a day.

These laws would have brought about the effective end of the Forest tradition, at the same time preventing the resurgence of any other forest tradition in the future. Say we sit in concentration for a long time until the mind gives rise to the five factors of jhana: In the end he’ll be able to release himself from poverty. Searching out secluded places in the wilds of Thailand and Laos, he avoided the responsibilities of settled monastic life and spent long hours of the day and night in meditation.

In addition to Ajaan Maha Bua’s activism for Thailand’s economy, his monastery is estimated to have donated some million Baht 19 million USD to charitable causes.


Ajahn Mun and Ajahn Chah « puxianmalaysia

Understanding the difference between mind and mental states. Buswell, Robert ; Lopez, Donald S. In those days, he was still uncertain whether these scenes were real or imaginary. He lived in tiger and cobra infested jungles, using reflections on death to penetrate to the true meaning of life. Because his rigorous training methods differed significantly from ones practiced by other monks, his style of practice was unique — mhn incredibly difficult to imitate.

He was a truly noble character with a quick, adventurous mind who trained himself with uncompromising resolve.

The Collected Writings of Ajahn Chahhe chose to leave the settled monastic life in and became a wandering ascetic after the death of his father. Mindfulness immersed in the body and Mindfulness of in-and-out breathing are both part of the ten recollections and the four satipatthana, and are commonly given special attention as primary themes for a meditator to focus on.

This will cure our delusions of beauty and attractiveness that are fixated on the skin.

Thai Forest Tradition

Ajaan Lee and his students are considered a distinguishable sub-lineage that is sometimes referred to as ajann ” Chanthaburi Line”. After having taken this special, powerful and penetrating medicine, such people only have to hear the sound of Venerable Ajaan, or even just his name, for the busy meddlesome ones to crouch in submission or run into hiding faster than a monkey, which is the ajan thing that could happen and entirely appropriate.

He frequently stopped to practise seated meditation, often focusing on mindfulness of the bodyone of the four Satipatthana. Don’t be afraid of becoming political, because min nation’s heart hua-jai is there within the treasury.

These included living out in the open forest, eating just one meal a day, never lying down and ajahh discarded cloths for robes. The Theravada tradition is the heir to the latter view. You are commenting using your Facebook account. The Dhammayut hierarchy, teaming-up with the Mahanikaya hierarchy and seeing the political influence that Ajaan Maha Bua could wield, felt threatened and began to take action.