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Giorgio Agamben. Translated from the Italian h Jeff Port. In Praise. Of Profanation . Editor’s Note: The following is excerpted from Giorgio. Agamben’ s. Essays by a provocative Italian philosopher on memory and oblivion, on what is lost and what remains. The Italian philosopher Giorgio Agamben has always. Giorgio Agamben. In Foucault’s analyses, devices generate both de- subjectivation and subjectivation processes. Unfortunately, many amongst the studies on.

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While such broad expertise is a valuable resource, it places extraordinary demands on readers. Each essay takes on a very specific subject and dissects it from more angles than you could imagine.

Peofanation this case, the divine is capital and the sacred is anything required by the apparatus of capitalism.

Profanations // Reviews // Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews // University of Notre Dame

The affinities between contemporary art and these two spheres of production are quite obvious. Practice and a good eye helps. As a whole, however, it is quite serious.

While few of Agamben’s books fall neatly into a disciplinary niche, Profanations is a collage of boundary crossings. Some very tasty essays in here. Although, perhaps the most fragmented of his books that I’ve read and with some essays that I’m at worst mildly indifferent to even if they are pleasurable and interesting to read, this book deserves five stars if only for ‘the Assistants’, ‘Special Being’, ‘Magic and Agaamben and ‘In Praise of Profanation’ alone.

Agamben defines religion as the sphere of separation: One thing that can be said, regardless of what genre the book belongs to, is that each of its parts is playful and engaging, which accords with the thesis that it is indeed a collection of profanations. In contrast to the confessional tone of Chapter Three, the other chapters are less personal.


There are no discussion topics on this book yet. A productive way to read him is as a prophet, in the tradition of the Old Testament, a relentless social critic whose obsessive focus on corruption prevents that very corruption from being actualized. Agamben not only provides a new and potent theoretical model but describes it with a writerly style that itself forges inescapable links among literature, agambeh, and philosophy. Mar 22, Alfonso De castro added it.

Profanations by Giorgio Agamben

No trivia or quizzes yet. We may easily surmise where he is leading us: Here Agamben argues that people who belong to the religious cult of capitalism sacrifice every facet of life and end up in a supremely frustrating environment where everything is sacred, hence off limits to personal use. The biopolitics responsible for Nazi concentration camps are on display in the general tendency of the modern nation-state to suspend the rights of citizens in cases of exception, that is, cases of national emergency, as illustrated in the United States, he has argued, by the USA Patriot Act and the power assigned to the Homeland Security Administration.

He reframes debates about authorship, photography, and parody within the motion of the gesture and human playfulness to address psychological functions and the cultural performativity of human action in text and image.

I’ll update when I complete it. There is a powerful temptation to simplify his thought. The ten chapters, which vary in length from barely one page Chapters Six and Ten to twenty pages Chapter Ninecontain an analysis of magic, happiness, and worthinessan analysis of parody, fiction, and metaphysicsa critique of Foucault’s aporia on the subject of authorshipand a detailed explication of the term ‘species’ and its political implicationsto mention only a few of the many themes addressed.


This is the first work I have read by Agamben, and I am quite sure it will not be my last. Oct 21, Stephen rated it really liked it. Capitalist nihilism is a religious cult of the purest kind – formal – its contents being the empty forms of separation and sacredness.

A photo from some time ago that I wish I would have kept, where my wife’s face was simply angelic, she sitting backwards in a ladder-back chair, nude, her legs spread wide and her genitals on display. Oct 09, Jean Bosh rated it really liked it. Pero eso significa que profanar se ha vuelto imposible These verbs mean to make impure or inferior by adding foreign substances to something: By contrast, the final sentence of the chapter seems to come out of nowhere:.


So, it’s in these shorter, more casual writings as in Idea of ProseMeans Without End where Agamben reveals some of the assumptions that often go unstated or passed over in his longer or more formally restricted books.

In earlier works, profanatino, Homo Sacer: Want to Read saving….

profanatlon The climactic essay “In Praise of Profanation” ties the collection together by explaining the apparatus of commodification. Lists with This Book.

Unfortunately, the simplified version is also extremely attractive, though for the wrong reasons.