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A Course in Astral Travel and Dreams by Belsebuub This book reveals the mystery behind dreams and out-of-body experiences, and provides the tools to. A Course in Astral Travel and Dreams (一个星体之游及梦课程) by Belsebuub is now available as an ebook in Traditional Chinese, on our. The first course organized by subject that was run on the original website was Belsebuub’s free introductory course covering a variety of topics.

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This book is actually a big surprise for any spiritually minded person. There is a definite, logical flow and sequence to the topics and exercises.

Books and Courses by Belsebuub – Belsebuub Biography

David rated it it was amazing Aug 06, You can order it here. Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer – no Kindle device required.

Really happy that the 2 books that introduced me to spirituality some years ago are now available also to the Chinese-speaking trsvel I have enjoyed it thus far, and I will continue reading and practicing If you actually try the techniques given and give them the attention they require, you will astral project, there is not doubt about that. Hi Yonisia, I bought that clurse at a local bookstore in my city. In Belzebuub states he came across life-changing blesebuub for inner change and for gaining out-of-body experiences that enabled him to begin walking the spiritual path that has been alluded to in a number of ancient religions.

In just nine chapters find out how to astral project when you want to, experience lucid dreaming and dream recall, and receive guidance from the astral plane and dreams.

He has been teaching spirituality since and writing spiritual books since the early s. All proceeds from the sales of the print book went back into printing more books. Ancient texts from all over the world have referred to out of body experiences, as they are an intrinsic part of human spiritual experience, and have been used by mystics since the beginning of humanity to experience the greater multidimensional reality of life.


No trivia or quizzes yet. Following up Copyright Infringement. Martin rated it it was amazing Aug 06, Geraldine September 18, at 2: Since then, Belzebuub has continued to author new works in book form as well as providing free web articles, online video, and audio. Astral Travel and Dreams course Cousre. Linden rated it it was amazing Oct 23, Delivery belsebyub Returns see our delivery rates and policies thinking of returning an item?

See our Returns Policy. This book offers the best astral travel techniques put together in a step-by-step guide by Belzebuub who has nearly 20 years of exp Astral projection can change your life forever.

Astral Projection combined with self-knowledge is in my opinion the best way one can start delving into the spiritual, s if it is communicated in such a simple and experience-based way.

Read it and try hard!! After reading this book and following it with the online course I had my first conscious obes since being a child. This allows readers to follow the course in the book and online at the same time and get live answers to questions from qualified teachers as they progress from week to week.

You can see details on the author’s website, http: Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I highly recommend this book for anyone studying or experimenting with Out-of-body experiences. This website uses cookies. Before I found this course, I had tried to astral project asttral much success. There are already a number of articles there that are either straight from the book or are very much based on it.

Jan 29, James rated it it was amazing. I really recommend this book for anyone who wants to verify Astral projection. Questions from these students range from clarification on techniques to the sharing of personal astral experiences.

A Course in Astral Travel and Dreams by Belsebuub was very popular and went on to become a bestseller in its category on Amazon. This is really great to see happening and come to fruition.

For the Astral Travel and Dreams course, this was especially motivating as students were sometimes able to meet in the astral and later verify the meeting either in the center or through chat rooms or forums. The author, Mark H. I always liked astral projection, but this book and the works of Belzebuub really gave meaning to astral projection and my entire life. In an easy to follow nine-week program, learn simple and effective techniques to have out-of-body experiences, explore the Astral plane and the world of dreams.


Of these, some of my favorites includes certain mantra practices and a practice that involves concentrating on your heart. He states the essence consciousness of a person allows them to be aware and begin this process, and if taken far enough, enables them to integrate with divinity and return to the source of creation with complete awareness of existence and knowledge of life.

Leave this field empty. The book comes with some inspiring stories of students’ successful astral projection experiences, which can be a great source of inspiration for someone, who wants to achieve astral projections themselves. A Course in Astral Travel and Dreams is a detailed 9 lesson 9 week course for those individuals wanting to learn about astral projection.

A Course in Astral Travel and Dreams

As the reader becomes more adept at these exercises, more information and more difficult exercises are added. But all-in-all, it’s you and the technique. Hi Mahdi, you are right. If anyone said to me they wanted to learn how to astral project I would say read this. This book is a concise step by step guide that takes you through the whole process and there are simple dfeams and techniques to practice right from aztral beginning.

This book is fantastic! Definitely two thumbs up!