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Hans Peter Luhn; Published in IBM Journal of Research and Business Intelligence Systems: State-of-the-art Review and Contemporary Applications. Business Intelligence has empowered organizations to derive data-driven IBM computer scientist Hans Peter Luhn, that the potential of BI was recognized. The article, titled “A Business Intelligence System”, described “an. Luhn, H.P. () A Business Intelligence System. IBM Journal of Research and Development, 2,

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There are many details which might have to be provided to adjust the general form of the system to specific applications. All of these techniques are based on statistical procedures which can be performed on present-day data processing machines.

July 1, 19 minute read.

You must petet Logged on to comment or reply to a post. Document output The functions described so far have concerned themselves with documents admitted or acquired by the system from the outside. With Safari, you learn the way you learn best.

Happy Birthday to the “Father of Business Intelligence” | SAP Blogs

In the dissemination process this internally created document is announced to other action points in the same fashion as were outside documents. The system is not to impose conditions on its user which require special training to obtain its services. To this end the system concerns itself with the admission or acquisition of new information, its dissemination, storage, retrieval and transmittal to the action points it serves. Thereupon the monitor would select the corresponding pattern from document-pattern storage and provide instruction for use as a query pattern in the ensuing comparison operation.

Miscellaneous functions of the system The comprehensive system for the various functions so far described is illustrated by Fig. This step is initiated when the action point connects itself by telephone to the monitor and dials the serial numbers of the documents affected.

Of the various ways in which such an announcement may be transmitted to the affected action points, the most effective one is by means of a printing device at each action-point location. As time goes on there is the probability that an increasing number of new documents will be announced to an action point because of possible shift of interests.


Systdm the same time the monitor will also instruct the auto-encoding device to transfer copies of the code sysem of the affected documents to the profile section of pattern storage, together with the identification of the action point involved and the date of transferal.

Selective acceptance of disseminated information The dissemination of information so far has consisted in furnishing the action point with the serial number, title, and pefer of documents selected for sstem.

When retrieving information it might be found advantageous to compare a query first with all the queries stored, in order to discover whether similar queries have been submitted in the past. There is petter a growing need for more prompt decisions at levels of responsibility far below those customary in the past. The availability of documents in machine-readable form is a basic requirement of the system. The information to be discovered may vary widely and may consist of anything ranging from factual data to an extensive bibliography on a broad subject.

The monitor is substantially a random-access storage device and has the functional capabilities of performing inventory operations. He did not only consider handling numbers more efficiently. On the other hand those documents selected are more closely related to the original subject. As an alternative the resulting pattern may be rearranged and be distributed over a storage array to permit random access according to characteristics. Several sentences which rank highest in value of significance are then extracted from the text to constitute the auto-abstract.

Furthermore, the fact that certain devices are being intelliigence to as implementation of the system, should not be interpreted as implying a specific size of the operation.

A Business Intelligence System

The problem of discovering information which has a bearing on a given situation has probably received the most attention in recent years, and various mechanical systems have been developed and put into operation. It may therefore be of interest to review the state of system and machine development. Both incoming and internally generated documents are automatically abstracted, characterized by a word pattern, and sent automatically to appropriate action points.


Among other things, it includes:. We call this a Business Intelligence System. The author demonstrates shocking prescience. In view of the present growth trends, automation appears to offer the most efficient methods for retrieval and dissemination of this information.

The field of Business Intelligence has evolved over the five decades since Luhn’s paper was published, and the term has come to be more sstem associated with the management of structured data.

Hans Peter Luhn

If a list of the documents retrieved is available, the process of retrieval may be greatly simplified. Similarly, information lingering at an action point but of potential value to other action points is mobilized for efficient communication through inquiries of skilled reporters.

The comparisons are carried out on the basis of degree of similarity, expressed in terms of a fraction, for each of the profile patterns. Selective acceptance of retrieved information The considerations which prompted the step-by-step acceptance of documents in the dissemination process are also applied to information retrieval. The type of equipment required for processing information in accordance with the system is presently available as far as the functions are concerned.

This method may also be used to bring together the respective inquirers to furnish an opportunity to discuss the problems which apparently brought about similar inquiries. These photocopies are then delivered to the action point.

Presently, the difficulty of finding such relationships often results in improper decisions, wrong actions, inaction, or duplication.