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22TCN 304-03 PDF

used for the same purpose as defined in Tables 1 and 2 in 22 TCN The materials must comply with specified grading and plasticity. 22 TCN CONSTRUCTION METHODS. Prior to laying the sub-base or base, the Contractor shall correct any deformations, ruts, soft spots or other. 22 Tháng Mười Hai 22 TCN *) Quy trnh th nghim xc nh CBR ca t, dm trong phng th nghim. 22tcn cac lop ao duong cap phoi thien nhien – thi.

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Cracks are wide and separated; in some sub-sections pavement structure is essentially destroyed.


Son tho ch dn k thut ri v m nn cho thi cng th nghim yu cu phi tht t m chi tit. The general locations for inspection pits were identified on site. Ti cc ch lu 22hcn m bn khng thao tc c phi dng m chn ng bng tay t yu cu qui nh. Normally, extensive research involving full scale trials or, alternatively, reliance on theoretical techniques backed up with extensive laboratory testing, is required to develop ways in which such sub-standard materials can be used.

Xc nh cc ch tiu kim tra khc.

A separate report deals with the partial deterioration of the Ea Soup Road. The highest axle load recorded is more than twice of allowable axle load limit of national and provincial road networks and 4 times of the limit of Rural Road Class A. Nu o di chn mi taluy nn ng hoc mi dc thin nhin nn p dng bin php o cch qung xen k, o mt on v xy xong mng cng trnh hoc o mt on t ho, ng thot nc xong, lp li ri mi o v thi cng cc on xen k cn li. Phn 30 cm trn cng trc tip vi y kt cu o ng lp nn trn cng hoc lp nn thng ; Phn cn li ca chiu su khu vc tc dng 50 cm n 70 cm pha di.


The Dak Lak trial roads are located within the Central Highlands region of Vietnam, Figure 1 Figure 1 Trials Location The Buon Ho deterioration was confirmed during a condition monitoring survey in March and recommendations were made as a research programme to investigate the causes1.

TCVN 9436 – 2012 Nen Duong Oto Thi Cong Va Nghiem Thu

Pavement in moderately poor condition, with significant crocodile cracking and scattered potholes, rutting may be up to mm 4. Slight loss of fine aggregate Adequate pavement and shoulder cross-fall, good run-off Sealed WBM in good condition. S dng mng in chung phi tun th cc quy nh ca ngnh in lc. Vic kim tra cht lng m 22tc cng phi thc hin tng lp theo cch qui nh ti 7. Slight loss of fine aggregate Surface run-off impeded slightly by pavement shape No drainage Not definable Sealed DBM in good condition.

The remaining functioning well Not definable Gravel shoulder is slightly to moderately eroded.

BUON HO ROAD – Research for Development

The pavement designs were not suitable for the actual traffic and this would have inevitably resulted in early pavement failure. Livestock and other live animals inclusion endorsement, for use with. There are load limit signs along the road but drivers do not comply with these restrictions.

Analysis of traffic patterns and the results from a specially commissioned axle load survey showed that in the first six to seven months since construction the Buon Ho road had most likely carried a traffic load ofesa. Very similar to underlying sub-grade, no clear interface. Sai s cho php so vi thit k v cc yu t hnh hc ca nn ng sau thi cng tip theo 4.


Medium trucks 2 axles T2 were found having highest axle load. Bnh ht m 4. Trong phm vi chiu su khu vc tc dng thng c phn chia thnh 02 phn: Pebble should be good quality without being cut if tested with a knife. Vng c c th xp thnh hng song song vi mp ng, khong cch gia tim hai hng c khong 1,5 ln b rng vng c. Was the design suitable for Commune Road A traffic? Unsatisfactory In addition, the following specific points were made; 1.

22 TCN 06 Ao duong mem | Phạm Văn Luân –

Sai s cho php c 30-03 nh ti Bng 1. V tr v s im th nghim kim tra do T vn ch nh nhng khng nn nhiu hn mt v tr trn mt on thi cng di 50 m.

Crushed boulders can be used provided at least 2 sides are freshly broken. Fine chippings layer at bottom. The principal conclusions of this report are: Interpreting data when a section 3304-03 failed is often difficult because the layers of the pavement will have got weaker and therefore the question of which came first is raised.

The specifications for the materials are designed to prevent this.